TPA HR Bringing People and Business Together.

Provider of strategy, culture and people management services to medium and emerging (small) businesses. We are dedicated to advising our clients on how to create and sustain competitive advantage through the alignment of people with the overall organization’s strategy.

Our involvement creates organizations to which people want to make a contribution, with whom customers want to do business and in which investors want to invest. We work in partnership with our specialists to achieve the best solutions for our clients.

TPA HR can provide you with the HR and business expertise you need. In other words, you can do what you do best and let your strategic partner, TPA HR, do what they do best! Click here for a list of our services.

What We Do

We provide unique Human Resource and Business Solutions for:

  • Strategic Positioning and Alignment
  • Good People Management
  • Marketing Communication
  • Sales Planning & Training
  • Operations
  • Culture